Walnut flower essence

  Posted 4/8/2017 by Tania Murphy.

"The Ideal Bach remedy for protection and adjustment to change".


It is the simplicity of these remedies that is as fascinating to me as is their potential to balance mood and  emotions.

Bach flower remedies work on transforming the negative aspect of an emotion, bringing us back to our centre and to well-being. The remedies are safe for all to take, from babies to the elderly and do not interfere with other medication !

Although, any of the  Bach flower essences could be said to help with change, Walnut, is the official remedy for adjusting to ‘changing circumstances’ in life.

Be it, life changing decisions like moving house or country, to developmental change like puberty,  change is inevitable !

If we are finding it difficult to  adjust to a new situation, perhaps feeling out of sorts or somewhat vulnerable due to a changing circumstance, then, Walnut would be the ideal remedy to bring us back to balance and strength, ensuring a smooth acclimating.

Just as the strong outer shell of the walnut protects the soft nut within, so does the remedy itself create a ‘shielding zone’ between us and, what is happening in our environment. We are able to take everything in, without becoming overwhelmed.

Situations where one may find Walnut beneficial would be:

Pregnancy, Marriage, birth

New school, new job, new house, new country

Teething, puberty, menopause, retirement, death of a loved one

Letting go of old patterns,(smoking/start a new diet), attachments, beliefs,

Spiritual growth

Shields against outside influences , people draining your energy

Over sensitivity (emotional and energetic)

Change of seasons

Political regime

It is possible to marry Walnut to other remedies to help alleviate more complex aspects of change/protection. For example if the person is finding it hard  to remain present and has a tendency to daydream, then ‘Clematis’ can be added to help with grounding.

If , change has brought about some anxiety, uncertainty or fear then ‘Mimulus’ may be  added to Walnut.

During puberty, a person may become overly concerned with their appearance, due to embarrassment or skin eruptions, like acne. Here, a good remedy to add would be

‘Crab apple’. This essence will encourage a positive self-image.

Remedies can be mixed for you by a professional in the store or, you can buy the remedy bottle to have at home and mix in your own dropper bottle.

Bach flower remedies can be added to hot or cold drinks or food and are safe for babies, children , adults , animals and plants. Bach remedies do not interfere with any other medication.


For further reading please refer to   http://www.bachcentre.com/centre/firstpag.htm